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Lucia - LIZ Webtoon

I had a blast voicing Lucia (the mom) in this voice comic called LIZ!  Lucia's carefree nature made me laugh! Check out the Webtoon by 1340Smile here!

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Brush settings.JPG

Brush Strokes

I voice the motherly dorm manager Linda. The Webtoon Dub is available on Youtube. Check out the Comic by Yitsuin on Webtoons!


Fan Made Works

Yor Forger

I will be voicing one of my all time favorite anime characters, Yor Forger, in the paraody series by Grimmjack on YouTube!  Here are a few clips from the first video, and more hilarity is coming soon! Be sure to check out the whole video on his Youtube channel!

Spy X Family Parody

Hisoka's MomGinger Sue VO
Screenshot_2020-10-19 Danganronpa Hushed

Hisoka's Mom

DR Hushed Whispers

  I am so excited to be part of DR Hushed Whispers directed by Joshua Waters and Mihn Ton.  Along side a stellar cast of voice over talent I respect so much: 


@PatMikeVA @Blairlexmydude @MaddsMats @PeeJVA @SquashVA @KieranFlitton @LittleMissNerdi @MarissaLenti @thejediexile21 @VAKatieB @Seth_Fuzzy @Dathromin @BelRusapeVO @nolaklop @ClaireThomasVA @ZaPanda_VA


Twilight Sparkle
The Nemesis

I pop in at the end of this story at Twilight Sparkle! I love watching MLP with my family, so this was really fun for me!

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