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Edge studio is a premier studio for training and working professionals.  I have studied under seasoned experts in vocal technique, pitch range, and breath support as well as learned to create my own fully functioning home studio.   I have trained under an award winning private coach who helped shape me into a professional voice over artist.  I have a warm, sweet voice and am a natural storyteller.

Private Coaching

Commercial and Audiobook Coach
Carol Monda

Animation Coach
Kara Edwards

Commercial and Animation Coach
Lindsay Sheppard

Continuing Education

Real Voice LA

Animation and Gaming Workshop
Tasia Valenza

Character Workouts
Arianna Ratner

Real Voice LA logo.JPG

Commercial Voiceover Workshop
Katie Zeiner

Cold Reading for Anime & Video Games 
Amber Lee Connors

Extra Terrible

ADR Workshop
Jason Lord and guest director Morgan Berry

ET logo.jpg

Strawberry Hills Studio

Character Workshop with Bang Zoom Casting Director
Mami Okada


ACE Studio

Video Game Efforts Workshop with Major Director
Anime Workshop with 
Brittany Lauda
Dubbing Workshop with Choya Oh

ADR workshop with Wendee Lee


Ace studio logo for website.JPG

Closing Credits

Authentic Commerical Voiceover with Dave Bisson
Mastering Characters with Elley Ray
Improvisation with June Yoon


CC logo.JPG

Sound On Studio

Auditioning for Animation/Video Games with Nicolas Roye

Sound On studio logo.JPG
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