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Hanako's Flower Shop

Thrilled to be the voice of Hanako for this wholesome VN/videogame about a girl and her grandfather making beautiful bouquets for customers based on the language of flowers. Created by the talented team at Fantaji Studios.

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Valencia and Flockto
Healer and Phoenix

Excited to be the voice of Valencia in the otome VN "Healer and Pheonix" by Hyper Studio PW. The story is set in a Spanish inspired fictional world and follows a Healer for fantasy animals named Catalina and her assistant Valencia. Catalina meets three handsome bachelors, heals pet in mini games, and must work with her friends to help save the world!

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Flower Merchant SampleGinger Sue VO

Flower Merchant

Brok the InvestiGATOR

   BROK the InvestiGATOR is the first video game to combine Classic Adventure with Beat'em up and RPG elements. Set in a dystopian world where animals have replaced humans.

   My character is a merchant who the playable characters Brok and Graff interact with to gather information and solve the deeper secrets of their world.

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