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Excited to be the voice of Miyamoto Ritsuko, the adorbale living game device. Let's play some games! Mobile game now available on iOS and Adroid

Miyamoto Ritsuko
Space Leaper Cocoon

Miyamoto Ritsuko.JPG
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Abstract Lights
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Thrilled to be the voice of Hanako for this wholesome VN/videogame about a girl and her grandfather making beautiful bouquets for customers based on the language of flowers. Created by the talented team at Fantaji Studios.

Hanako's Flower Shop

Demo available.png
fantaji logo.JPG
Brok flower merchant.JPG

Flower Merchant

Brok the InvestiGATOR

   BROK the InvestiGATOR is the first video game to combine Classic Adventure with Beat'em up and RPG elements. Set in a dystopian world where animals have replaced humans.

   My character is a merchant who the playable characters Brok and Graff interact with to gather information and solve the deeper secrets of their world.

BROK title image.jpg

Fenya and Luandra

An exciting videogame in development by Icy Forge UG.  I will be playing Fenya, a loyal werewolf.  I had alot of fun mixing her dialogue with wolf creature sounds! I also have the pleasure of voicing the regal Elven Queen Luandra.  

Follow @Kingsbloodgame on Twitter for updates and for more info!


An exciting videogame in development by Gigabyte Studios.  I will be playing the mother of one of the main playable characters. Stay tuned for updates!

Cassidy the Kitsune
Veredilia: The Sacred Forest

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