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    Earth Eclipsed is a new Sci-Fi audio drama series produced by The Lunar Company that premiered on June 11. 2021 as an official selection for the  Tribeca Film Festival.  The entire first season also won Gold Medal in the category of Drama Podcast for the 2021 Radio Awards.

  I am excited and honored to join this talented team as the voice of the Museum Ad that appears in Episode 2.

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I play Zago, Queen Robin, Sarasim, Wind Sprite, and various background voices in Storm Chasers, a new fantasy audio drama series about pirates, adventure, and monsters. Find it on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts! Also an ANIMATED version is available on YouTube featuring the amazing art of Steven Wu. A must see!

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Princess Victoria's Secret

Pocket FM

I narrate the fantasy/romance podcast "Princess Victoria's Secret." There are 440 episodes to date and over 231 thousand listens.  

Victoria, a woman from a technologically advanced future, and one of the world's leading surgerons, is mysteriously pulled into another world to awake as a princess of an ancient land. She uses her medical skills, intuition, and unmatchable smarts to keep herself and those she loves alive admist the constant polical turmoil of the empire. 

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Crash Landed in the 90's

Pocket FM

I narrate the slice of life romance podcast "Crash Landed in the 90's." There are 336 episodes to date and over 137 thousand listens.  

Analise, a big business CEO from the 21st century, dies in a plane crash and awkens to find herself in the body of Analise Stone, a small town girl from 1990 Alabama trapped in an abusive marriage. Analise uses her business smarts to divorce her husband and start building her own business empire from the ground up. But will her determination be enough in a world ruled by men?

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