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My first audiobook experience was with Ginger Sue and it was better than I ever expected. I had my ebook and paperback on Amazon, but I had no clue how to go about getting an audiobook version of my book.

Once I found Ginger Sue the process was quick, easy, and she provided me with a professional sounding audiobook that perfectly fit the tone of my book. She brought the scenes of my story to life in ways I never would have thought of, and I am very thankful I had the opportunity to work with her.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make an audiobook.

Adison Runberg
Author of Origin of Legends and Secrets of the North

A few words from the amazing people I have had the pleasure of working with!

I have a number of audio books available via Audible, most with varying results with regards to the narrator. I’ve had good and bad experiences with them, but when I met Ginger, it was my lucky day.

Right from the first audition I knew I wanted her to be the voice for my book, Companion of Darkness. We agreed terms and I sat back and waited for the chapters to come in.

If you aren’t an author, you have no idea how nerve wracking this can be. With one of my books I went through three narrators, one getting over half-way through the book before ghosting me (this is quite a common issue with narrators, especially if you are not a very well-known author).

I had no such issue with Ginger, and she delivered the chapters on or well ahead of schedule. The quality blew me away. I got goose bumps when I heard my characters.

I cannot recommend Ginger enough, and will definitely be using her services again.

Thanks so much!

Ginger is as warm, as engaging, and as adaptable as… her voice! So working with her was an excellent, quick & easy pleasure that went the extra mile towards perfection. Harmonizing the metaphorical sounds of professionalism, teamwork, and dedicated follow-up: Ginger offers these even before her talent takes over! She truly nurtures my story scenes, and always rhymes my many characters to life. With her voice, I’m speechless.

Jwyan C. Johnson,
Author of Punished By Silence

CJ Rutherford,
Author of Companion of Darkness

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