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Comi Bear  

Dooro Bear Series on TikTok

So excited to be the English voice of Comi Bear in this popular video series on Tik Tok. Dooro Bear and Comi are adorable bear paw catcus creatures that warm the hearts of millions of fans. This is my first dubbing project and I fell in love with it immediatley! 

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Maggie McNair 

Animated Read Along Book Series 

SBA Books presents a series about an adventurous little girl named Maggie who learns important hygiene lessons in a really silly way.  Each comical book features one of Maggie's "bug" friends that she must learn to overcome: Sugar Bugs, Stink Bugs, Germs, and Spiders in Her Hair! I had alot of fun narrating these animated read along story books perfect for at home or in the classroom. Check out all four books below!

Maggie McNair may soon get her own animated series! Check out the trailer below to hear me as Maggie and Nana!


Shadywoods - Original Animated Series

Coming Soon! 

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