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Voice Over Actor

Animation Demo 2021Ginger Sue VO
00:00 / 01:05
Ginger Sue Audiobook DemoGinger Sue VO
00:00 / 05:00
Children's Audiobook DemoGinger Sue VO
00:00 / 03:27




Home Studio Specs

Nuemann TLM 102 microphone
Apollo Solo audio processor
Manley Voxbox Plugin
DAWBOX double wall isolation booth
Reaper editing software

Voice Over Credits

Video Games / Mobile Games

Miyamoto Ritsuko / Cesil  in Space Leaper Cocoon by Damo Network Limited
Trudy / Nia in My Time at Sandrock by Pathea Games
Ariel / Pampy in Glorious Adventure by Flame-Games
Hanako in Hanako's Flower Shop by Fantaji Studios
Flower Merchant in BROK the InvestiGator by Cowcat Games
Fenya/Luandra in Kingsblood by Icy Forge UG
Cassidy in Veredilla: The Sacred Forest by Gigabyte Studios
Narrator in ESL Children's Storybook App by Kikai Digital
Valencia/Flockto in Healer and Phoenix by Hyper Studio
Manta Ray in Bingo Wild by Vivid Joan Games


Comi Bear  in Dooro Bear series on TikTok
Trudy/ Nia in My Time at Sandrock by Pathea Games


Maggie McNair  in Maggie NcNair Read Along by SBA Books
Zago/Queen Robin/Sarasim/Wind Sprite  in Storm Chasers animated podcast series on Youtube
Naomi and Mother/Ms. Utako and Ma-kun/Haru/Reika and Friends in Looks Can Be Decieving Shishihara-kun animated Manga
Emilia Trinidad in Unlucky Trinity original animated series


Museum Ad in Earth Eclipsed (award winning) by The Lunar Company
Guest Narrator in Havok Story Podcast by Havok Publishing
Narrator of Princess Victoria's Secret a series by Pocket FM
Narrator of Crash Landed in the 90's a series by Pocket FM

Children's Audiobook Narration

Audiobook Narration

How Did I Catch A Unicorn Series  by Steve Herman
The Adventures of Filomena Series by Fantaji Studios
Thought is Not the Boss of Me by Sheila Booth-Alberstadt

Recruitment: The Resistance Trilogy Book 1 by K.A. Riley
Companion of Darkness: Chaos Wars Book 1 by C.J. Rutherford
Almost Picture Perfect: A Blooms, Bones, and Stones Cozy Mystery Book 3 by Olivia Swift
The Secret of the Quilt:  A Blooms, Bones, and Stones Cozy Mystery Book 4 by Olivia Swift

Manga Dub Channels - Lab316

Kanon Rom Com Manga Dubs
Uta's Rom Com Manga Dubs
Sekai No Fushigi
Attack on Mika
Manga Waido
Viral Texts
Peep Texts


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