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     My name is Ginger and I am originally from Houston, TX. In college I was a lead member of the drama club: acting, directing, and writing scripts. 

     After college I worked for three years in entertainment at Walt Disney World as a character performer and was trained through Disney to do several characters, each with a unique and distinct voice or accent.  I was trained as 4 different speaking characters and dozens of non-speaking characters.  I performed in several parades and large scale stage shows in the parks in Orlando for audiences of thousands.

    I received an amazing voice over education through Edge studio in New York.  I completed the entire Voice Acting program with flying colors and high praises from my teachers.  I was paired with a talented and experienced private coach Carol Monda for my commercial demo and audiobook coaching.

   I have a bubbly personality and acting comes second nature to me. My voice is warm and sweet and my passion is telling your story.  I am a hard worker and take direction well.  Let's create a work of art together!



Edge studio is widely recognized in the voice over community as a premier studio for training and working professionals.  I have studied under seasoned experts in vocal technique, pitch range, and breath support as well as learned to create my own fully functioning home studio.   I have trained under an award winning private coach who helped shape me into a professional voice over artist.  I have a warm, sweet voice and am a natural storyteller.

Commercial and Audiobook Coach

Carol Monda

      Carol is an actor, voiceover talent and Audie Award-winning audiobook narrator. 

     Her commercial voiceover clients have included HSBC, USDA, Seton Hall, AFL-CIO, Bell Atlantic, Sag-Aftra, Amazon and McDonald's, among others.



Available on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible


The Resistance Trilogy Book 1 

by K.A. Riley

In the Valta, no matter what month you were born, everyone is assigned the same birthday. November 1st. It's the anniversary of the day when the government declared war on the Eastern Order.
The day you turn seventeen, the Recruiters come to take you away. And no one ever hears from you again.

It’s October 31st. Today, Kress is sixteen years old.
Tomorrow, she’ll be taken.

The good news? So will her best friend Cardyn, and Brohn, the handsome boy she’s avoided all her life.

The bad news?
Recruitment isn’t what any of them expected.

Weeks of training await. Military and psychological tests, escape rooms, hand-to-hand combat. The Recruits are told they're the key to winning the war. But with each day that passes, things begin to make less sense.
If only Kress had been able to bring her trained raven, Render, with her.
If only none of them had ever had to come to this place.

So excited to be narrating this amazing YA dystopian fantasy series! It will be a total of 9 thrilling books.  Looking to submit Book 1 to the 2021 Audies!

Currently in


Coming Soon!

Almost Picture Perfect

A Blooms, Bones, and Stones Cozy Mystery Book 3  by Olivia Swift

What can happen when two redheads meet and fall for each other?  Meet Miller Hollenbeck. She's in a job she hates.  In her spare time she loves to upcylce furniture. Enter Jules Callendar. He’s a successful photographer, but his family has somewhat dubious connections. The spark between them grows after a stunning picture Jules takes of Miller and her new front door is put on display in an art gallery.  But some uninvited and potentially dangerous guests cause the new couple to watch their backs as mysterious events happen to Miller.

Punished By Silence : A Cozy Mini-Mystery

Karma's Revenge Book 2

by Jwyan C. Johnson

When a twin girl goes missing, an anonymous request for the Clue Queen herself is granted. But Detective Dedra Kare finds the obstacles of her own past in this case first! She must emotionally outrun her flashbacks as the current investigation turns into a game of Hide-and-Seek but on a legal field of child custody, narcissistic parenting, and a single teddy bear. But with every hidden motive playing too, is Dedra the one who’s It?

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Companion of Darkness: An Epic Fantasy Series

(The Chaos Wars Book One)

by C.J. Rutherford

Within beauty, lies darkness.
With the mighty race of dragons bound to the Eldar, the magical world of Teralia struggles under the boot of Eldar tyranny.

    Jesaela, a young faerie, is chosen to enter the shining Citadel to serve  as prized companion to a girl she's never seen: Lyssa, the Eldar princess.

She doesn’t want to leave her forest home, but defiance will bring the king’s dragons to turn her home to cinders.

Given no choice, Jes goes to the magical Citadel; a glittering jewel from a distance, a den of darkness up close.

Can she find the spell to free the dragons from the Eldar? Or will the darkness spread to consume the world?

Companion of Darkness is book one of a new series set in the Neverwar universe. Suitable for young adults of all ages.

This audiobook was so much fun to produce! I got to use many accents, both for female and male voices of varying ages.  Plus, I had the pleasure of working with my husband who voiced the golden dragon Glyran!  This audiobook features alot of special effects to convey the characters speaking telepathically, as well as effects to change my voice higher and lower for different species of dragon, brownie, unicorn, and more!

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Submitted to the 2020 Audie Awards!

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Origin of Legends and Secrets of the North 

by Adison Runberg

When their parents died beneath the surface of a frozen lake, brothers Baldr and Thor began new lives as orphans.  The loss of their parents gutted them both, but years later, with comfortable homes and good friends, the brothers were thriving.  Their world is upended when they notice green lights flashing like a beacon from a mountaintop that overlooks their sleepy Canadian town.  They set out on a thrilling journey with friends Sophia and Nala, but soon the group is in over its head as they fight the arctic conditions and an ancient power.

As my first ever audiobook, I had a great time learning to voice male characters and add in special effects like voices over the radio and reverb.  It was fun developing various character voices!


Children's Audiobooks:

Available on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible


How Did I Catch A Unicorn?

How to Stay Calm to Catch a Unicorn. A Cute Children's Story to Teach Kids about Emotion and Anger Management.

by Steve Herman

How Can You Get a Unicorn For a Pet? 

Are Unicorns Even Real?

 Yes, they are. BUT, a unicorn is not the kind of pet

that you can buy!

To get a pet unicorn, first you have to believe unicorns are real, and then you have to find where they are.   BUT, even after you find a unicorn, she will not just let you ride her, and she will not home with you.  WHY?

Because unicorns do not like angry kids.

What should I do? How could I get the unicorn to go home with me and be my best friend forever?

Written by Steve Herman – Best Selling Children Books Author. If you love Steve Herman’s “My Dragon Books” Series, then you would definitely love this “My Unicorn Books” Series.

So excited to be the official voice of Steve Herman's Unicorn Books!  There will be many books in this series all aimed to help children learn about their choices and emotions in a fun way! Stay tuned for the next book in the series!

  • How Did I Catch A Unicorn
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  • How a Unicorn Made Me Stop Worrying
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  • Can a Unicorn Help Me Make Good Choices?
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  • Can a Unicorn Help Me Deal With Bullying?
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The Adventures of Filomena Series

by Fernando M. Reimers

          In a small town near the city of Boston lives Filomena, a twelve year old parakeet. Join Filomena in her adventures as she helps us see the world through her small eyes and her big heart. 

I have had a wonderful time producing The Adventures of Filomena Series! These stories are told from the point of view of a small parakeet, so I use a bright, child-like voice to narrate.  It was a special treat to include the voice of the author, Fernando, as himself in the story as well as sound files of the real Filomena the parakeet chirping!

  • Filomena's Seasons
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  • Filomena's Teachers
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  • The Story of Filomena Sample
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  • Filomena's Friends
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  • Sara and the Pooka Sample
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Sara is a young heroine who gets caught up in her mother's stories. Questioning what's real and what's imagination, she is swept away on an adventure of her own to a castle ruled by a dragon and his goblins. In a plot to return home she tricks the goblins, wanders the castle, and meets a trickster - a pooka whom she names Fairy. Sara and her story of learning to read offer some valuable lessons on overcoming struggle. In this introduction to a series, Sara begins an epic adventure in story.

Sara and the Pooka 

by Russel Fugal



My first audiobook experience was with Ginger Sue and it was better than I ever expected. I had my ebook and paperback on Amazon, but I had no clue how to go about getting an audiobook version of my book.

Once I found Ginger Sue the process was quick, easy, and she provided me with a professional sounding audiobook that perfectly fit the tone of my book. She brought the scenes of my story to life in ways I never would have thought of, and I am very thankful I had the opportunity to work with her.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make an audiobook.

Adison Runberg
Author of Origin of Legends and Secrets of the North

A few words from the amazing people I have had the pleasure of working with!

I have a number of audio books available via Audible, most with varying results with regards to the narrator. I’ve had good and bad experiences with them, but when I met Ginger, it was my lucky day.

Right from the first audition I knew I wanted her to be the voice for my book, Companion of Darkness. We agreed terms and I sat back and waited for the chapters to come in.

If you aren’t an author, you have no idea how nerve wracking this can be. With one of my books I went through three narrators, one getting over half-way through the book before ghosting me (this is quite a common issue with narrators, especially if you are not a very well-known author).

I had no such issue with Ginger, and she delivered the chapters on or well ahead of schedule. The quality blew me away. I got goose bumps when I heard my characters.

I cannot recommend Ginger enough, and will definitely be using her services again.

Thanks so much!

Ginger is as warm, as engaging, and as adaptable as… her voice! So working with her was an excellent, quick & easy pleasure that went the extra mile towards perfection. Harmonizing the metaphorical sounds of professionalism, teamwork, and dedicated follow-up: Ginger offers these even before her talent takes over! She truly nurtures my story scenes, and always rhymes my many characters to life. With her voice, I’m speechless.

Jwyan C. Johnson,
Author of Punished By Silence

CJ Rutherford,
Author of Companion of Darkness


Lucia - LIZ Webtoon

I had a blast voicing Lucia (the mom) in this voice comic called LIZ!  Lucia's carefree nature made me laugh! Check out the Webtoon by 1340Smile here!

Liz Webtoon
Liz Webtoon
LIZ Webtoon
LIZ Webtoon
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